[June 2018] The 9th Conference of IFIP WG7.5 at ETH Zürich

Junho Song participated in the 9th Conference of the IFIP Working Group 7.5 (Permanent website: http://ifipwg75.snu.ac.kr/, Conference website: https://ifip2018.ethz.ch/) as the chairman of the working group and the co-author of two papers presented in the conference:

  • M. Broccardo, Z. Wang, S. Marelli, J. Song, and B. Sudret (2018), Hamiltonian Monte Carlo based Subset Simulation using Surrogate Models, 19th IFIP WG7.5 Conference, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
  • T. Kim, and J. Song (2018), Development of Generalized Reliability Importance Measure (GRIM) using Gaussian mixture, 19th IFIP WG7.5 Conference, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
Regional Participation Factor introduced to quantify contributions of critical regions
Definition of Generalized Reliability Importance Measure (GRIM)

His presentation on the generalized reliability importance measure (GRIM) was based on his recent journal paper, co-authored by an SSRG student member, Mr. Taeyong Kim.

The generalized reliability importance measure (GRIM) is obtained by partitioning the contributions from critical regions in terms of regional participation factors, and the relative importance of the random variables at each region is quantified by the gradients. As one possible way to compute GRIMs, the authors proposed to fit a Gaussian Mixture model to the probability density functions cut for the failure domain. It is expected that the proposed GRIMs will initiate new research opportunities both in theories and applications (click this for more details).

The first conference of the IFIP WG7.5 was held in Aalborg, Denmark, May 6-8, 1987. Since then, the working conferences have been special venues where experts in the areas of reliability and optimization of structural systems. The next IFIP WG7.5 conference will be held in Kyoto, Japan (Organizer: Prof. Chul-Woo Kim).

Conference Dinner at ETH Zürich
Group photo of the participants of the 9th IFIP WG7.5 conference


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