[May 2019] Research by SSRG members recognized in ICASP13

SSRG Members during ICASP13 Conference

Two student members of SSRG, Ms. Ji-Eun Byun and Ms. Sangri Yi were selected as two of the ten awardees of 2019 CERRA Student Recognition Awards. The Award Selection Committee (Chair: Prof. Won Hee Kang at Western Sydney University) selected the awardees after reviewing full papers and videos submitted by around 60 applicants. The papers and videos of the two SSRG students can be found from the following list:

Byun’s paper proposes a novel methodology for optimizing discrete Bayesian network. The methodology has its novelty in the efficient reduction of problem size, the accuracy in the result, and the evaluation of Pareto surface given multiple objectives. Byun and Song plan to present the details of the proposed methodology and applications to various civil systems (to which conventional BN optimization methods are not applicable) by a journal paper (under review).

Yi’s paper further develops the methodology for evaluating fragility curve using the Gaussian Mixture based Equivalent Linearization Method (GM-ELM). In order to facilitate the evaluation, Yi develops the concept of universal equivalent linear system (ELS) which is invariant to the scaling of excitation. Then, she adopts the temporal average of response PDF so as to extend GM-ELM to nonstationary responses. Yi and her co-authors are preparing a journal paper on the details of the further and newest developments. Congratulations!

Ji-Eun Byun (left photo) and Sang-ri Yi (right photo) receiving the awards from the CERRA President, Prof. Terje Haukaas (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) during the Conference Banquet on May 28, 2019

In addition to the two papers above, SSRG members presented the following papers in ICASP13 to share their recent research activities and outcomes:

Former SSRG members – Prof. Derya Deniz (far left, Ozyegin University), Prof. Won Hee Kang (far right, Western Sydney University), Prof. Junho Chun (left side of W. Kang, Syracuse University); current members of SSRG members; and Prof. Armen Der Kiureghian (left side of J. Song) during the Conference Banquet on May 28, 2019

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