[Oct 2019] Junho Song gave a keynote lecture at JCOSSAR 2019

Prof. Junho Song was invited to give a keynote lecture during the 9th Japan Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability (JCOSSAR 2019), which was held from October 23 to 25 in Tokyo, Japan. The Conference was chaired by Prof. Tetsuya MIYOSHI (Hannan University, Japan). On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Prof. Kazuyoshi Nishijima (DPRI, Kyoto University, Japan) invited him to the event.

J. Song gave a keynote lecture titled, “A System Reliability Perspective on Disaster Resilience”

In the lecture, Prof. Song presented his system reliability perspective on disaster resilience in terms of three main criteria – Reliability, Redundancy and Recoverability – and three scales – individual structures, networks and urban communities. He explained these criteria and scales of resilience through real examples and his ongoing research efforts. Prof. Song is thankful to the organizers for the great opportunity to share his ideas and research outcomes with experts and researchers in Japan.

Prof. Kazuyoshi Nishijima (DPRI at Kyoto University) introduced Prof. J. Song during the opening ceremony of JCOSSAR2019, on October 23.

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