Junho Song (송준호), PhD

Pic_-39-4vs5Junho Song received his B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea and his Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, USA in 2004. After working as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley (2004-2005) and a senior vulnerability engineer at Risk Management Solutions, Inc. (2005), he joined the faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA to serve as Assistant Professor (2005-2011), Associate Professor (2011-2013), and CEE Excellence Faculty Scholar (2012-2013). In 2014, Dr. Song joined the faculty of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Seoul National University as a Young Scholar for the Next Generation, where he has been serving as Associate Professor (2014-2016), Director of the Convergence Research Center for Disaster-Hazard Resilience (2015-2017), Professor (2016-present), Associate Department Head for Academic Affairs (2020), Associate Director of Education and Research Program for InfraSPHERE (2020-2021), Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (2021-2022), and InfraSPHERE Fellow (2022-present).

Dr. Song teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the area of engineering risk & uncertainty, decision & risk analysis, structural reliability, system reliability, random vibrations, and probabilistic loads on structures. He has research interests in (1) structural & system reliability analysis, (2) reliability-based design/topology optimization and decision-making, (3) risk, reliability, and resilience analysis of urban communities and networks, (4) earthquake engineering & random vibrations, and (5) statistical/machine learning for urban infrastructure systems under uncertainties. Dr. Song has presented his research outcomes through 101 papers published in peer-reviewed archival journals and more than 250 conference presentations. In 2009, his technological innovations in the area of System Reliability and Optimization was recognized by an IASSAR Research Prize. In 2018, his research on disaster-hazard resilience was listed as one of the 100 Future Technologies and Leaders of Korea in 2025 by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea.

Dr. Song is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE), the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea (EESK) and many others. He has been serving as a member of the Probabilistic Methods Committee of ASCE Engineering Mechanics Division, five editorial boards of international journals (including Structural Safety, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, and ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems), SC3 subcommittee of International Association for Structural Safety and Reliability (IASSAR), Joint Committee on Structural Safety (JCSS), and the Board of Directors of the International Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA). Dr. Song is currently serving as the President of CERRA (2019-present) and the Chair of the IFIP Working Group 7.5 on Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems (2016-present).

Junho Song, Ph.D.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
College of EngineeringSeoul National University
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, Korea
Phone: +82-2-880-7369, Fax: +82-2-873-2684
E-mail: junhosong@snu.ac.kr
Research website: https://systemreliability.wordpress.com

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