Current Members

Sang-ri YI, PhD

yisangri “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2015-2020): Gaussian mixture-based equivalent linearization method for nonstationary responses of nonlinear structures
  • Postdoctoral researcher (2020-Present), Korea Bridge Design & Engineering Research Center, Seoul National University

Taeyong KIM

chs5566 “at”

  • M.S. (2015S-2016F): Enhancing seismic fragility analysis of structural system – developing intensity measure and ground motion selection algorithm
  • Ph.D Student (2017S-Present)
    • Generalized reliability importance measure by Gaussian mixture
    • Response prediction of nonlinear hysteretic systems by deep neural networks
    • Probabilistic evaluation of seismic responses using deep learning method

Jihwan KIM

wlghks4599 “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2015F-Present)
    • A comprehensive probabilistic model of traffic loads based on Weigh-In-Motion data for applications to bridge structures
    • Bayesian updating of probabilistic model of traffic loads for bridges using WIM data

Chulyoung KANG

chulyoungkang “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2016F-Present)
    • Seismic reliability analysis of complex systems
    • Correlation of seismic capacities of structures by incremental dynamic analysis

Jungho KIM

cong020 “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2016F-Present)
    • Probability-Adaptive Kriging in n-Ball (PAK-Bn) for reliability analysis
    • Reliability-based optimization based on adaptive design of experiments

Minkyu KIM

barkmon “at”

  • M.S. (2017S-2018F): Parameter identification of structures under earthquake excitations using adaptive particle filter and ensemble learning method
  • Ph.D Student (2019S-Present)
    • Near-real-time machine learning inference of structural damage caused by natural or man-made hazards

Seungmin YOO

smyoo94731 “at”

  • M.S. (2017S-2018F): Sequential optimization of MCMC-based indirect measurement locations for accurate system identification of structures
  • Ph.D Student (2019S-Present)
    • Spatio-temporal modeling and analysis of hazards using Gaussian process

Changuk MUN

changwook80 “at”

  • M.S. Student (2017F-2019S)
    • Bayesian Network for structures subjected to sequence of main and aftershocks
  • Ph.D Student (2019F-Present)

Dongkyu LEE

idongkr “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2017F-Present)
    • Dynamic optimization of complex infrastructure systems under natural hazards

Seonghyun LIM

euler1707 “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2018S-Present)
    • Adaptive selection of earthquake ground motion records
    • Resilience analysis of cable bridges under man-made hazards

Youngjun KWEON

yjkweon “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2019S-Present)
    • Applications of statistical/machine learning for civil infrastructures and systems

Woojun AHN

eriveve12 “at”

  • Ph.D Student (2020S-Present)

Jaehwan JEON

dudesup123 “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2020S-Present)

Sebin OH

ohsb1116 “at”

  • M.S. Student (2020S-Present)

SSRG Alumni

Ji-Eun BYUN, PhD

lamoncokiy “at”

  • MS/Ph.D Student (2015-2020): Matrix-based Bayesian network for reliability assessment and decision making of complex large-scale systems.
  • Postdoctoral researcher, University College London, UK.

Eujeong CHOI, PhD

ohyes “at”

  • Ph.D (2015-2020): Multi-criteria decision support frameworks for disaster risk mitigation of community and lifeline networks.
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)

Se Hyeok LEE, PhD

shlee08 “at”

  • Ph.D. (2014-2019): Development of Bayesian methods for probabilistic system identification
  • Researcher, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT)

 Soobin CHOI

chkimsu “at”

  • M.S. (2016-2018): Application of recurrent neural network to prediction of structural deterioration
  • Data Scientist, NTELS, Co. Ltd.

Byeong-Seong CHOI

cbs1230bs “at”

  • M.S. (2015-2017): Efficient simulation-based approaches for community-level probabilistic seismic risk assessment
  • Ph.D Student at Carnegie Mellon University (advised by Prof. Matteo Pozzi)

Junho CHUN, PhD

jchun04 “at”

Raphael STERN, PhD

rstern “at”

  • M.S. (2013-2015): Improved methods for fast system reliability analysis through machine-learning-based surrogate models
  • Assistant Professor at University of Minnesota
  • Homepage:

Nolan KURTZ, PhD

nolan.kurtz “at”

  • M.S. (2009-2011): System reliability analysis of structures subjected to fatigue induced sequential failures using evolutionary algorithms
  • Ph.D. (2011-2014): New methodologies for multi-scale time-invariant reliability analysis of complex lifeline networks

Reece OTSUKA “at”

  • M.S. (2012-2014): Estimating post-disaster traffic conditions using real-time data streams

Derya DENIZ, PhD

derya.deniz “at”

Hyun-woo LIM, PhD

flyhwlim “at”

  • Ph.D. (2008-2014): System reliability methods for rapid multi-scale network risk assessment and decision making
  • Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Republic of Korea

Roselyn Jihyen KIM “at”

  • M.S. (2013): Probabilistic models based on experimental observations using sparse Bayes methodology

Young Joo LEE, PhD

ylee “at”


nguyenhongtam “at”

  • Ph.D. (2006-2011): System Reliability-Based Design and Multiresolution Topology Optimization
  • Senior Structural Engineer at ARUP Singapore Private Ltd.

Won Hee KANG, PhD

w.kang “at”

  • Ph.D. (2006-2011): Development and Application of New System Reliability Analysis Methods for Complex Infrastructure Systems
  • Senior Lecturer (tenure-track associate professor) at University of Western Sydney
  • Homepage: Personal Website

SSRG Researchers & Visitors

Hyun-Joong KIM, PhD

kim.hj.85 “at”

  • Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-2019)
  • Engineer, Risk analysis, COWI in Denmark


kilian.zwirglmaier “at”

  • Exchange Postdoctoral Researcher (2017): Hybrid Bayesian networks for system reliability
  • Data Scientist at Zenuity

Hansun LEE

hansunlee.07 “at”

  • Graduate research assistant (2013-2014)
  • MSc Student, the University of Edinburgh


marco.coccon “at”

  • Exchange Ph.D. student (2013)
    • Advisor: Prof. Ugo Galvanetto at University of Padua, Italy
  • Dominant failure mode analysis of offshore platforms

Seung-yong OK, PhD

syok “at”

  • Postdoctoral Researcher (2006-2008)
  • Associate Professor at HanKyong National University, South Korea

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