CEE 202: Engineering Risk & Uncertainty
– offered in alternate years (Fall 2006/2008)

      (CEE 293) Identification and modeling of non-deterministic problems in civil engineering design and decision making. Development of stochastic concepts and simulation models, and their relevance to real design and decision problems in various areas of civil engineering.

CEE 491: Decision and Risk Analysis

– offered every year (Spring)

      (CEE 393) Development of modern statistical decision theory and risk analysis, and application of these concepts in civil engineering design and decision making; Bayesian statistical decision theory, decision tree, utility concepts, and multi-objective decision problems; modeling and analysis of uncertainties, practical risk evaluation, and formulation of risk-based design criteria, risk benefit trade-offs, and optimal decisions.

CEE 574: Probabilistic Loads and Design (“Random Vibrations”)

– offered in alternate years (Fall 2007/2009)

      (CEE 477) Application of probabilistic methods in describing and defining loads on structures with emphasis on the random fluctuation in time and space. Introduction to random vibration methods and applications to dynamic response tof structures under wind and earthquake loads. Computer simulation of structural loads and responses. (Probability-based safety criteria and review of current methods of selection of design loads and load combinations.)

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