[June 2019] ICASP13 Keynote Lectures Available Online

The Library of Seoul National University filmed the keynote lectures of ICASP13 (May 26-30, 2019, Seoul National University) and provide the videos for free online. The first video clip includes the speeches in the Opening Ceremony on May 27 as well.

NOTE: Due to the browser compatibility issue, we uploaded the videos on YouTube as “unlisted” videos. You can watch the YouTube videos by clicking the corresponding images below.

May 27: Opening Ceremony & Keynote Lecture 1 by Prof. Daniel Straub (TUM, Germany)
May 28: Keynote Lecture 2 by Prof. Jianye Ching (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) on behalf of Prof. K.K. Phoon (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
May 29: Keynote Lecture 3 by Prof. Leonardo Duenas-Osorio (Rice University, USA)

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